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Celebrating five years of coding competitions

GBAX 2007 entries are now online. Full details can be found here.

Welcome to the GBAX Coding Competitions Hall Of Fame

Welcome to the GBAX Coding Competitions Hall of Fame. We have finally finished the new site which will now be the official homepage of all the GBAX coding competitions. Until now they have been hosted separately on either GBAX/ or Emuholic's servers so there was no central location to see and download all the previous competitions winners and entries.



18th June 2008

A quick update to say there will be a GBAX 2008. It will be a bit later than usual due to Craig being busy with getting the Pandora ready and released. This will also mean the Pandora will be amongst the list of devices you can enter on. We should have more information in a few months once the Pandora is released and things have settled down, we don't want a repeat of last years delays in getting the entries judged!

If you have any questions feel free to email me, Guyfawkes, at (remove NOSPAM).


3rd August 2007

It took slightly longer than we anticipated to judge the entries and decide on the winners. This years competition was our hardest ever to decide, there were half a dozen or so entries that were deserving of the three winning places and we had a truly tough time deciding on them. But there can only be three winners and they are...


Find out here ;)


31st July 2007

Apologies for the lack of status updates and the results. We have been very busy judging the entries and it has taken longer than we expected. We hope to have the results online very soon, again apologies for the delay in the results.


9th July 2007

GBAX 2007 coding competition entries are now online and can be found here. Results of the competition should be available in a week or two once we have gone through all the entries, it may take some time :)


8th July 2007

The GBAX 2007 coding competition is now over, we have 61 entries in total making this our biggest turnout in our five year history! Come back tomorrow for when we announce the entries which will be available to download. Judging will start tonight and is expected to take a week or two due to the large number of entries. More news tomorrow!

I have uploaded a text file with the list of entries, you can view it here. If you are the author of an entry and notice a mistake please let me know at (remove NOSPAM) and I will update it asap.