GBAX Coding Competitions - GBAX 2006 Hall of Fame

Celebrating five years of coding competitions

GBAX 2007 entries are now online. Full details can be found here.

GBAX 2006 Coding Competition

Well, it was a risk holding a 20 day coding comp this early on in the GP2X's life - but it paid off. Some 26 entries and some great releases for you to check out. But first, the results!



1st Place


Wonkie Guy

Name: Bubble Train
Author: Flavor
Description: Bubble Train is a puzzle game in which you must eliminate all the bubbles on the track before you can proceed to the next round.


2nd Place


Vektar Name: Vektar
Author: Dzz
Description: Homebrew GP2X arcade game. Colorful 2D space shooter.

3rd Place


Gnuboy2x Name: Gnuboy2x
Author: K-teto
Description: Gnuboy2x is a port of gnuboy for GP2X by K-teto with many added features, a nice gui with many options and some improvements over the original gnuboy. Compatible with tvout using minilib :D


And the rest, you all showed what a great scene the GP2X has:

ArcEm Name: ArcEm
Author: Ian Jeffray
Description: Acorn Archimedes Emulator

Beat2X Name: Beat2X
Author: Miq01
Description: Beat2X is a Stepmania-like game for GP2X. It consists of several levels, each one based on one tune, where the user has to press the right buttons in sync with music.
Download: beat2x.rar | Updated GPE for v1.4 firmware, overwrite gpe from beat2x.rar

Blockrage2x Name: Blockrage2x
Author: ^MiSaTo^
Description: Blockrage2x is an SDL port of Blockrage, a clone of columns. As i had not enough time i couldn't add music but i've changed original graphics (obviously i've changed controls also). You need to test it with firmware 1.2.1 as I've tried in new firm 1.4 and it doesn't work properly (controls are not working well)

Demo Name: Demo
Author: Radek
Description: A showcase of my 2d software routines - it's a "old skool" like demo however as I'm not to great graphics designers it hasn't any nicer bitmaps (except the splash screens from GBAX). I could also implement more (and far better effects) but I didn't manage it as I'm really new to programing the gp2x.

Extraterrestres Name: Extraterrestres
Author: deadlychicken22
Description: Extraterrestres is a sidescrolling flying game where you are trying to navigate your spaceship through columns of obstacles.You can use items to slow down time to make difficult manuevers. The game features two modes: story mode and arcade mode.

Exult Name: Exult
Author: Puck2099
Description: Exult it's an interpreter to play one of the best role playing games ever, Ultima VII (in its two parts plus expansions).

Fenix GP2X beta 3 Name: Fenix GP2X beta 3
Author: Puck2099
Description: It's an interpreter to play games coded using that programming language. You will be able to play the games coded in Fenix specifically for GP2X as well as the ones coded previously to being used in GP32 without having to recompile them.

Goitfights Name: Goitfights
Author: Goity
Description: Goitfights is a beatemup where you fight odd looking character with even odder looking characters to save the universe. Remember-There can only be seven.

GP2X TV-Out Fixer 0.3b Name: GP2X TV-Out Fixer 0.3b
Author: Kounch
Description: Utility which tries to solve a problem that happens with TV-Out and some programs. Once activated, it launches a background proccess that, at stablished time intervals, fixes the screen if the TV-Out mode is enabled. This way, many programs that do not have TV-Out support, can be used right away.

GPgeneral Name: GPgeneral
Author: ^MiSaTo^
Description: Gpgeneral is a port of Lgeneral, clone of old DOS Panzer General. It runs propperly on firm 1.2.1 but i've not tested in 1.4 (maybe it doesn't work) The only problem is that as the game was made for 640x480 resolutions, letters shown in gp2x screen are too small. I've tried to change it but i didn't have enough time to solve it. Next version will be fixed.

Homer Simpson Life Name: Homer Simpson Life
Author: Peter Goloshchapov
Description: I made a Skin for GP2X and I called it, a Homer Simpson Life, this skin is very funny and unique; I want to make a entry for Coding Competition. 100% compatible with the new 1.4 Firmware

Lady Killer Name: Lady Killer
Author: Israel Lopez Fernandez (Puck2099)
Description: It's a remake (coded from scratch) from the arcade game called Lady Killer. You have to flip the tiles in order to show the girl to win the game.

OpenBOR Name: OpenBoR
Author: lemon
Description: Beats of Rage is a good and very customizable Beat'em up engine, with lots of mods disponible. OpenBoR is a modification to the original BoR engine adding lots of new features, like more kind of special attacks, holes, walls, rideable and throwable objects, a mod selector, etc.

PokéParadox Name: PokéParadox
Author: Kevin Winfield-Pantoja
Description: My 1st attempt at coding for the GP2X and my 1st ever attempt at a demo. It is supposed to have a very retro feel.
Consists of: A DOS prompt, C64 style "loading screen", An attempt at parallax scrolling, collision demo, button bashing minigame and of course a simple credits screen.

Pulplife Special Edition Name: Pulplife Special Edition v0.5
Author: Juan Pablo Gil Alonso
Description: This game simulates the scene of film "THE EMPIRE STRIKES BACK" when the resistance is been atacked by the empire. Your mision is protect the generator from the enemy forces (at-at and others). Too have other three diferent minigames, on it can save points.
Download: PulplifeWars.rar

sdl2X Name: sdl2X
Author: Waninkoko
Description: sdl2X is a toolkit for make SDL applications for the GP2X easily. Includes basic functions like draw a surface, draw a box... and some advanced functions like draw primitives, alpha-blending, draw a text, play audio files, control the hardware (I mean change ARM 920t clock frequency, disable ARM 940t, power on/off screen...), and other many functions.
Download: sdl2X-0.2-gp2x-competition.rar

StarTrucker Name: StarTrucker
Author: Stefan Lange-Hegermann (BlackMac)
Description: On his quest for a steady income you guide StarTruckers workplace through tricky levels trying to deliver goods to their target platform. Beware the walls, or you might face a cruel destiny!

Stilish Menu Name: Stilish Menu
Author: efegea
Description: GPH's linux menu replacement. It search for gpe's and gpu's on the SD card and show it in a animated menu. The idea behind this menu is make the code that draws the interface a shared library, so it works as skins which are like "plugins". Anybody can code in C/C++ a new skin and can do wathever he want to the skin (icon position,animations,¿3D?,etc) But my GP2X have bricked itself and I can't continue coding, and when I got my new gp the competition will be over. So the version I've sent to the competition is a "capped" one, without the "plugins" technology :(

The Room Name: The Room
Author: Ortwin "OrR" Regel
Description: "The Room" is planned as an adventure game based on the awesome Onscripter engine. Unfortunately I did not manage to finish it in time but I am entering it for fun anyway. I am including the sourcecode and hope it helps everyone who wants to make a game but doesn't know a real programming language. This needs NK's Onscripter port to run which is included in the novels here:,0,0,0,55 Be careful as multiple Onscripter novels seem to be causing weird problems, at least they did for me.

Ultimate Blood Patch for Doom and Doom 2 Name: Ultimate Blood Patch for Doom and Doom 2
Author: DSR
Description: A modification patch for Doom and Doom 2, that creates a completely different feel to how the game looks, plays, and sounds!

Vanguard Wars Name: Vanguard Wars
Author: Daniel "Imerion" Eriksson
Description: Vanguard Wars is a fast-paced arcadegame in which you must control your spaceship and defeat numerous enemies and bosses. There are three game modes : Endless, Arcade and Survival, four levels, four bosses and five weapons. Vanguard Wars has colorfull backgrounds and loads of explosions as well as suiting music.

Whacky Name: Whacky
Author: Sarah Jessica Pirate
Description: Whack the penguins, score points.
Download: whacky.rar

Yahtzee GP2X Name: Yahtzee GP2X
Author: Guyfawkes
Description: Quick port of my Yahtzee game from GP32 to the GP2X. Entered for fun as I cant win anything being a judge :)