GBAX Coding Competitions - Another 15 Days Hall of Fame

Celebrating five years of coding competitions

GBAX 2007 entries are now online. Full details can be found here.

Another 15 Days Coding Competition

After the great success of the first 15 Days Coding Competition earlier this year GBAX.COM and have decided to hold the sequel hence the name Another 15 Days ;)

Once again it was a good turn out with loads of entries plus a few extra by myself and Craig which are entered for fun. A few entries which were worthy of a prize but there can only be one along with two runners up





The public voting is now over and the winners are:


1st Place



Entry: OpenSnes9Xgp
Author: Yoyofr and team

Craigs Comment: Amazing, you wanted it, here it is, full speed snes emulation awaits. This version seems to have a little bug crept in when playing on frame skip 0, but just download this now. Every single GP32 needs to have this installed. I cannot wait for the next version! Brilliant.

Guyfawkes Comment: What can I say? Very good speed, great presentation, even got sound although it does slow things down a bit. Amazing first release!

Toris' Comment: A huge amount of people have wanted a good snes emu. And finally, here it is, full speed on nearly all games with FS1/2. Screen flickering can be a bit high on lower frameskips, and a few games don't run, but the ones that do, run very very well!

Click here to download.


2nd Place


Tobi Drummer

Entry: Tobi Drummer
Author: ?

Craigs Comment: Bizzarely addictive drum simulator.

Guyfawkes Comment: This is fookin excellent! I had loads of fun messing around with this but when I gave it to a friend who is a drummer in a band he owned it. Played proper stuff on it and he now wants a GP32 just for Drum Man, no joke!

Toris' Comment: A stick man playing drums. Sounds boring? Well, that's where your wrong, while simple, each tap of the button produces a different drum beat, and the stick man animates as such, it's great fun.

Click here to download.


3rd Place



Entry: YAFL (Yet Another File Launcher)
Author: Woogal -

Craigs Comment: This is really quick and nice, if only gamepark thought to include something like this as a default.

Guyfawkes Comment: GP32 FXE launcher. Quick and easy to use. Nice!

Toris' Comment: A great file launcher, in my opinion, could be a nice replacement to Pacrom if PC-Link etc... were all built into it eventually.

Click here to download.


Congratulations to the winners and also to everyone that entered


Other Entries


Advanced Lawnmower Simulator GP

Entry: Advanced Lawnmower Simulator GP
Author: Wub

Craigs Comment: Amazingly well presented lawnmower sim almost certainly inspired by the ZX spectrum one of the 80's. Every games system needs one.

Guyfawkes Comment: Lawnmower sim :) Crashes when you finish mowing the grass. Every computer/console needs a mower sim :)

Toris' Comment: A lawnmower simulator! Relive the exciting days of mowing your grandma's lawn on your GP32!

Click here to download.



Entry: Bichos
Author: Seryu

Craigs Comment: Nice little puzzler once you get into it.

Guyfawkes Comment: Graphics are a little dark on my non-flu GP32. Graphics OK, nice music track but the rock moving sample was a little loud and sounded more like the sample was corrupted. Nice 'puzzle' game though if a little tricky.

Toris' Comment: A puzzle game, great fun. Difficulty can be a bit hard until you get used to it, perhaps make it so the aliens can't escape diagonally in the earlier levels?

Click here to download.


CnC Test

Entry: CnC Test
Author: Unlucky / Paul

Craigs Comment: Slick looking early C&C engine, has a nice feel about it and looks good.

Guyfawkes Comment: Early Command and Conquerer remake made in the 15 days timeframe. Its not very playable yet but looking good so far!

Toris' Comment: A clone of Command and Conquer. The controls can be a bit awkward, but it has the possibility to progress into something good if continued :)

Click here to download.



Entry: Entropy
Author: Alain SASS

Craigs Comment: Don't let initial confusion put you off this, press the left shoulder button once in game to get going, photo based adventure awaits.

Guyfawkes Comment: Similar in idea to Grand Theft Auto without stealing cars. You get to go on drugs deals, shoot snipers and more. Photo based graphics, radio stations are a nice touch. With a bit more work this would be a great little game. Thumbs up from me!

Toris' Comment: An adventure game with "point blank" style cardboard cut-out shooting scenes. I enjoyed this game, controls can be a bit awkward in some areas, but nothing to stop you enjoying it.

Click here to download.


F1 Fruits

Entry: F1 Fruits
Author: FMSoftware -

Craigs Comment: Needs sound SO much, aside from that very well presented.

Guyfawkes Comment: Nice fruit machine game but no sound, really needs sound to make it better.

Toris' Comment: A fruit machine simulator that you play by holding the GP32 on it's side. Like a real machine, it's nearly impossible to win anything, but good fun none-the-less.

Click here to download.


Final War

Entry: Final War
Author: mATkEUpON

Craigs Comment: Many many things going on at once with NO slowdown, really nice interface and smooth engine. Definately keep an eye on this.

Guyfawkes Comment: Command and Conquerer style game. Still in early stages but very impressive so far.. loads of enemies on screen with gunfire and explosions and no slowdown. One to watch out for!

Toris' Comment: A very impressive demo of a real time strategy game. The speed with so many units is fantastic. If this was ever used to make a full game, it has the potential to be great.

Click here to download.


Half Life - Doom Total Converstion

Entry: Half Life - Doom Total Converstion
Author: Falken80

Craigs Comment: Massive 26meg doom total conversion, new sound, weapons, levels and bad guys. If you like 3d shooters this is one of the best the GP32 has to offer.

Guyfawkes Comment: Another great total converstion for GDoom, this time Half Life gets the treatment. Nicely done!

Toris' Comment: A wad for GPDoom that adds half-life weapons and enemies. Good fun, the enemies may seem lacking on level one, but as soon as you get to level two you're bombarded by them!

Click here to download.



Entry: LOLFighters
Author: MaDsk8tard and Braindead2

Craigs Comment: Nice start to a beat em up.

Guyfawkes Comment: Beat em up. Nice graphics and music. Character collision is a little off but still a nice game.

Toris' Comment:

Click here to download.



Entry: NeoGp32
Author: ThunderZ

Craigs Comment: Speed is really improved this time, if your GP32 can do 166mhz your going to like this.

Guyfawkes Comment: NeoGeo Pocket emulator. Games run at good speed on 166Mhz on frameskip 2. Good emulator!

Toris' Comment: A NGPc emulator, seems full speed on most games, at FS1/2. A few graphics glitches on some games, but nothing major. Good emulator.

Click here to download.



Entry: Snow
Author: Avseth

Craigs Comment: Horice goes skiing in france.

Guyfawkes Comment: Downhill skiing game. Graphics are ok, no music or sfx. Its in French text and the scores dont seem to work?

Toris' Comment:

Click here to download.



Entry: WinGP
Author: Guyfawkes -

Craigs Comment: How about finishing this off Guyfawkes, its looking good.

Guyfawkes Comment: Can't comment and win anything on this as its my entry and just for fun.

Toris' Comment: A file launcher based on a Windows XP style. With too many files in GPMM, the menu doesn't always work properly. If worked on, could become a nice replacement for Windups.

Click here to download.



Entry: Yogg
Author: Yoyofr

Craigs Comment: OGG's are smaller than MP3's so this means far more music on your GP32, really nice presentation and easy to use.

Guyfawkes Comment: Nice OGG music player. Worked with the few OGG files I have. Nice release and hope that the equaliser etc make it into future releases.

Toris' Comment: Want another option to play music, apart from MP3s? Here is a great Ogg player, though, it might just be my ears, but even with the volume under 32, I sense some very faint crackling.

Click here to download.