GBAX Coding Competitions - 15 Days Hall of Fame

Celebrating five years of coding competitions

GBAX 2007 entries are now online. Full details can be found here.

15 Days Coding Competition

Welcome to the GBAX 15 Days Coding Competition entries list page. There is a total of 26 entries for this competition and the overall standard of them (in my opinion) is very good.




The public voting is now over and the winners are:


1st Place



Entry: Gloop
Author: Toris
Game Type: Puzzle

Craigs Comment: Lemmings like puzzle game only with water! Pointer could move a touch faster, but its very addictive. I think the level select spoils it a bit, it should just start on level one

Guyfawkes Comment: A very good game similar in style to Lemmings. Agree with Craig about the level select as it could make the game easier if stuck on a certain level.

Click here to download.


2nd Place


Squad 14

Entry: Squad 14
Author: Metellius
Game Type: Shoot Em Up

Craigs Comment: One number - 1942! Great looking gp32 clone, smooth, hundreds of sprites, most of those are bullets - mega hard!

Guyfawkes Comment: A very good game with loads of action on the screen. No music or sfx though. Where's the infinite health cheat? :)

Click here to download.


3rd Place



Entry: Giro
Author: Franz Lankes
Game Type: Driving

Craigs Comment: Wooo.. the GP32 does mode7, lovely rendered graphics make this look stunning, but the game itself isn't all that playable. Full marks for visuals though, amazing.

Guyfawkes Comment: Like the tunnel game, graphically very impressive but needs some more work on the gameplay. Another game to show off what the GP32 can do.

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Congratulations to the winners and also to everyone that entered


Other Entries


15 Day Crap

Entry: 15 Day Crap (I can't draw but I can fly)
Author: Mithris
Game Type: 3D Thrust style game

Craigs Comment: This ISN'T crap, its a 3d version of Thrust and is very addictive, nice to see real 3D on the gp32 too.

Guyfawkes Comment: A interesting idea to put Thrust into 3D. Its a bit tricky to play at first so give it a few goes to get the hang of it.

Click here to download.


Air Rage

Entry: Air Rage
Author: Taras
Game Type: Shoot Em Up

Craigs Comment: Blow up peoples houses! I laughed out loud when I saw the houses burst into flames, nice little shooter, needs some sound though!

Guyfawkes Comment: Reminds me alot of the addictive 8bit computer game Harrier Attack. A very nice game!

Click here to download.


Apunta y Dispara

Entry: Apunta y Dispara
Author: Nuria
Game Type: Shooting

Craigs Comment: Crazy shooting gallery game with speech and hand drawn graphics, quite entertaining.

Guyfawkes Comment: Shoot the spiders and miss the ladybirds. Good gameplay, nice GFX, music and sfx.

Click here to download.



Entry: ASCII Demo
Author: MeOnlyEviller
Demo Type: ASCII display

Craigs Comment: See the pic on your left? Thats it.

Guyfawkes Comment: An ASCII drawing of the GP32.

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Battleships 32

Entry: Battleships 32
Game Type: Battleships Clone

Craigs Comment: Great slick interface, nice sound, multiple characters & funny visuals make this a well made game.

Guyfawkes Comment: Very nice Battleships game, battleships is known for being a long drawn out game but the author has made it more faster paced and 'actiony' with time limits and banter between the two players.

Click here to download.


Bird Shoot

Entry: Bird Shoot
Author: FagEmul
Game Type: Shooting

Craigs Comment: Shoot the passing birds with the onscreen target, nice music and graphics.

Guyfawkes Comment: A shooting game where you must shoot the birds flying across the screen. Nice graphics with music but no bird dying sfx.

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Bob The Amazing Lemon

Entry: Bob The Amazing Lemon
Game Type: Pacman style game

Craigs Comment: Nice pacman game, good graphics and sound, but seems to have a few bugs that can stop your progress.

Guyfawkes Comment: As what Craig said and also multiple themes and music selection. A decent game.

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Entry: Breakout
Game Type: Breakout Clone

Craigs Comment: Well, yes, its arkanoid, and a nice and slick smooth one at that, sometimes the ball bounce can seem wrong but it is an enjoyable quality conversion, nice sound too.

Guyfawkes Comment: Agree with craig on this one, the ball does sometimes bounce wrong. Other than that a good clone of Arkanoid

Click here to download.



Entry: C8
Author: Robert
Emulator Type: Chip 8 Emulator

Craigs Comment: Interestingly I made a chip8 emu but didn't release it, try some of the games and you will see why ;) but there are actually a handful of good ones, and they all come with the emulator!

Guyfawkes Comment: About time we had a Chip 8 emulator. The actual games are not brilliant but still fun to check out.

Click here to download.



Entry: Centipede
Author: Seagal
Emulator Type: Centipede Arcade Emulator

Craigs Comment: Emulates the arcade game Centipede, no sound.

Guyfawkes Comment: Much the same as what Craig says, does the job of emulating the game but with no sound.

Click here to download.


Drunken Frogger

Entry: Drunken Frogger
Author: Craig
Game Type: Frogger clone with a twist

Craigs Comment: Whoaaa.. just download it and try it :) This will freak you out. Great visuals.

Guyfawkes Comment: A proper mad game that adds a new dimension to Frogger, thats all i can say.. hic :)

Click here to download.



Entry: Falldown
Game Type: Puzzle

Craigs Comment: Frantic falling platformer, just get past each platform by the skin of your teeth if your quick enough.

Guyfawkes Comment: Simple yet addictive game. Nice graphics and fast gameplay.

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Entry: Fruitee
Author: Rich
Game Type: Fruit Machine

Craigs Comment: Ah, you know a system has reached a good popularity level in the UK when there is a fruit machine simulator for it. And here it is :) Sound, holds, BAR BAR BAR, its all here!

Guyfawkes Comment: Everyone loves fruit machines and its good to see the GP32 having its very own. Always good for a quick go to pass away the time.

Click here to download.


Gigas Engine

Entry: Gigas Engine
Game Type: RPG Demo

Craigs Comment: Lovely RPG scrolling engine, you can go behind things, under things, smooth and
slick. Should make a nice game.

Guyfawkes Comment: The beginnings of a promising RPG engine.

Click here to download.


GP Smack

Entry: GP Smack
The Wub
Program Type: Music Sequencer

Craigs Comment: Drum simulator and music maker

Guyfawkes Comment: Make tunes on your GP32! Features theme packs including Hip Hop and Techno which loads of features. A very good release.

Click here to download.


Le 15 Jour

Entry: Le 15 Jour
Author: Intruder/Optic Vision
Demo Type: 16bit display demo

Craigs Comment: Little music demo, but has the GP32 draw lib sound error.

Guyfawkes Comment: Demo that draws random ellipses on the screen and flashes in transition. The sound suffers from clicking though.

Click here to download.



Entry: Liero
Author: Marc
Game Type: Worms style clone

Craigs Comment: Nice worms style game, but flickers a lot.

Guyfawkes Comment: A real time worms style game. Despite basic graphics (which flashes) its a pretty good game with a few different types of weapons. Don't dismiss this because of how it looks ;)

Click here to download.



Entry: MegaMan
Author: J. Le Brech
Game Type: Platform

Craigs Comment: Early version of a scrolling engine.

Guyfawkes Comment: Like craig said early version of a MegaMan game. Not very playable yet but remember this is a work in progress project so it will improve over time.

Click here to download.


Slyro the Radioactive Cat

Entry: Slyro the Radioactive Cat
Author: ?
Game Type: Shoot Em Up

Craigs Comment: Blast the fruits in this very addictive shoot em up, satisfying big visual explosions especially on later levels. Features 2 players on one gp32 at the same time through a clever control system.

Guyfawkes Comment: A decent game, sometimes the collision detection is a little off but other than that everything looks and works just fine.

Click here to download.



Entry: String
Author: Joel
Game Type: Simulation

Craigs Comment: String simulator(!)

Guyfawkes Comment: Looks boring but its actually quite fun to play around with and make the string do weird stuff.

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The Numerix Trip Of Peuppy -1-

Entry: The Numerix Trip Of Peuppy -1-
Author: Fuflo and Satu lagi
Game Type: Puzzle

Craigs Comment: You know those crazy late night animations that used to be on Channel4? This is just like one of those, but a game.

Guyfawkes Comment: An updated version of what they entered into the GBAX2003 compo. I liked this game because of its originality but they changed the freaky music from the original release and replaced with Jazz music, bring back the freaky music!

Click here to download.


Tunnel Game 3D Tech Demo

Entry: Tunnel Game 3D Tech Demo
Author: SDW
Game Type: Driving

Craigs Comment: Wow, amazing visuals as you rotate your way through a 3d tunnel avoiding the gaps, this would make one hell of a cool game if it was finished.

Guyfawkes Comment: Like Craig said, graphically very impressive, needs some more work on the gameplay and this would be a very good game. Something to show off to your friends to what a GP32 can do ;) BTW: This was coded from scratch in 15 days so well done SDW!!

Click here to download.



Entry: Zeubdal
Game Type: Platform

Craigs Comment: Lovely smooth platform engine with GIANT sprites and cartoon quality animation, I hope this is made into a game.

Guyfawkes Comment: Beginnings of a platform engine. Looks good but only a basic demo at the moment.

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