GBAX Coding Competitions - GBAX 2003 Hall of Fame

Celebrating five years of coding competitions

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GBAX 2003 Coding Competition

Welcome to the results page of the GBAX 2003 coding competition in association with GBAX, GBAEmu and GP32Emu. We had 55 entries in what is in our opinion a sucessful competition. The specifications of this competiton were to make either a game or emulator for either the Gameboy Advance or the GP32.

Thanks and congratulations to all the entrants. We had an hard time judging the winning entries because of the number of high quality entries. This is why we have so many runners ups and even then some entries just missed out on the runners up places.




1st Place


Wonkie Guy

Entry: Wonkie Guy
Author: Sean Reid
Description: Platform Game

Click here to download.


2nd Place


Dangerous Xmas

Entry: Dangerous Xmas
Platform: GBA
Author: The spoutnick team
Description: Puzzle/Platform Game

Click here to download.

Note for 3rd place winner. We couldnt decide who should get 3rd between the two entries so we decided both will get the 3rd place so there are two sets third place prizes :)


Joint 3rd Place



Entry: Dynamate
Platform: GP32
Author: Flavor
Description: Puzzle Game

Click here to download.

The Tragical Historie of Rodion and Rosalind

Entry: The Tragical Historie of Rodion and Rosalind
Bertil Hörberg
Description: Graphic Adventure

Click here to download.


Runners Up (In Alphabetical Order)



Entry: Chopper
Christian Auby
Description: Side scrolling action game

Click here to download.


Entry: Carbie
Platform: GBA
Author: Pharg
Description: Capture the flag with cars

Click here to download.


Entry: DrSMS
Platform: GBA
Author: Reesy
Decription: Sega Master System emulator

Click here to download.


Entry: fMSX32
Platform: GP32
Author: Rlyeh
Description: MSX emulator

Click here to download.

Giana's Return GP32

Entry: Giana's Return GP32
Author: CHN and team
Description: Platform Game

Click here to download. N/A

This game is currently not available for download and is a provisional runner up pending permission from the original author of Giana Sisters.


Entry: GPasteroids
Platform: GP32
Author: Giffel
Description: Arcade game for multiple players

Click here to download.

GP Waba

Entry: GP Waba
Platform: GP32
Author: Ph0x
Description: Waba port/emulator

Click here to download.


Entry: Jump'n'Bump
Platform: GP32
Author: Michael Heinemann
Description: Action game for multiple players

Click here to download.

Kunoichi Yami

Entry: Kunoichi Yami
Platform: GBA
Author: Louis-N. Dozois and Phil Stroffolino
Description: Stealth game

Click here to download.

Magik Tales

Entry: Magik Tales
Platform: GBA
Description: Platform game

Click here to download.

PCE Advance

Entry: PCE Advance
Platform: GBA
Author: FluBBa
Description: PC Engine emulator

Click here to download.


Entry: PocketGB
Platform: GBA
Author: JustBurn
Description: Gameboy Mono emulator

Click here to download.

The Nomad II: Trapped

Entry: The Nomad II: Trapped
Platform: GBA
Author: Alex Markley
Description: Puzzle Game

Click here to download.


Entry: ZXAdvance
Platform: GBA
Author: [-TheHiVE-]
Description: Spectrum emulator

Click here to download.


HAM Winners


This was an extra category, we decided to enter all entries using HAM into this category and choose the best three entries to win a licensed version of HAM. A big thanks to Emanuel for donating three licenses of his great GBA development kit, please visit his site at and try his free version!

Commando Advance By Seagal Click here to download
Broken Link By Jonathan Kaufmann Click here to download
The Server Ninja By Mark Bowers and Jim Otermat Click here to download


Other Entries


These are listed without pictures as it would take too long to download another 20+ images. Please do check through these entries as there are still good entries which didnt quite make the runners up places.


Alpha Wing By Jon Wingrove Click here to download
BattleShip By Werner Mendizabal Click here to download
Beru By Simon 'Saikou' Sibley Click here to download
Blocks By Werner Mendizabal Click here to download
Coin Quest By Scott M. Click here to download
Cutegotchi Advance Demo By FNX Games Click here to download
Deepship (GP32) by Joseph Le Brech Click here to download
Dragon Tiles By Red5 The Genesis Project Click here to download
DVCK HVNT By Trevor Bentley Click here to download
Fill It Up By Matthew Gummo Click here to download
Gameland By Stephen Stair and Matt Griffith Click here to download
GBAttaxx By Thomas Mathys Click here to download
Kasbrik By Yannick Click here to download
Keeper By Jeremy Moreland aka Malefactor Click here to download
Klan Wars By Lord Graga Click here to download
Lights Out Advance! By Jeff 'Kuja' Katz Click here to download
LK Shoot (GP32) by Ronan Leroy Click here to download
M Adventure By Paolo Borzini Click here to download
Milo's Quest By Nicholas Scheltema Click here to download
NightHawk By Christian Auby Click here to download
NoiDZ By Noferi Mickaël aka rov Click here to download
Paint Master By Snug Click here to download
Panic At Work By Adriano Baglio (ZoneGN) Click here to download
PunchOut By Phil Stroffolino Click here to download
Punto Banco Advance By coca77 Click here to download
Reversi By MrMister [iCE] Click here to download
Serp By Miguel angel alvarez garcia Click here to download
Skweez By Sean Connelly Click here to download
Space Shooter By Bernhard Deininger Click here to download
Squeek By BigRedPimp Click here to download
Sun Invaders By Philippe-Andre Lorin Click here to download
The New Trip Of Peuppy (GP32) By fuFlo and Satu lagi Click here to download
Wordwise By Erik Rounds Click here to download
Zoop Zone - Zoop'Em Up 2 By Martin Konrad Click here to download