GBAX Coding Competitions - 16 Days Hall of Fame

Celebrating five years of coding competitions

GBAX 2007entries are now online. Full details can be found here.

16 Days Coding Competition

16 Days was a massive success with 25 entries, way more than we expected! Well done to everyone that entered and showed that the GP32 community is far from dead! The overall quality of entries is amazing and to be very honest we would be amazed if any future competitions beat this standard.

Please download each entry and play them, don't download just the emulators, the developers have spent alot of time making their entry so please try them out.





Firstly we would like to say this has been the hardest comp to judge ever, so many entries were deserving of winning something and it just shows how the GP32 scene has matured. The public voting is now over and the winners are:


1st Place



Name: Lacuna
Author: Woogal
Comments: Dont be put off with the graphics, this is a simple but very addictive game! If you are a fan of fast action pick up and play games this is a must have!

Click here to download.


2nd Place



Name: Pikuta
Author: David Skywalker
Comments: Great CPC emu, as long as it can play Laser Squad (which it does) then I'm a happy bunny :)

Click here to download.


3rd Place



Name: Nazcadreams
Author: Nazca
Comments: Impressive 2D platform and 3D flying game, the jumping is sometimes pixel perfecft frustrating but dont let that put you off, a large adventure game which has had a lot of effort put into it.

Click here to download. Download lost.


Oh, and we didn't forget the suprise: GBAX is now the sponsor of Dr.MD the best Megadrive/Gensise emu on the GP32! Download the latest version now: 166mhz default, 133mhz default! Full sound, tripple buffering, line by line rendering, region select, CPU upto 180mhz, best emu release since GPengine?...

Congratulations to the winners and also to everyone that entered


Other Entries


Aka Noid

Name: Aka Noid
Author: JyCet
Comments: Great Arkanoid remake. Nicely put together and plays great! Near pixel perfect conversion with updated gfx and some very cool remixes of the classic tunes.

Click here to download.


Blair Wars

Name: Blair Wars
Author: The Wub
Comments: Weird one this, only last for a few moments.

Click here to download. Download lost.



Name: BombzGP
Author: Skeezix
Comments: Great Bomberman style game, very underrated! Would like to see more people making levels for this.

Click here to download.


Cave Copter

Name: Cave Copter
Author: Donskeeto
Comments: Simple yet addictive hovering chopper game with different gameplay modes.

Click here to download.


Deluxe Snakes

Name: Deluxe Snakes
Author: Fissure
Comments: Nice game but the music takes up far too much space (14MB) which is very strange, use music mods next time :)

Click here to download. Download lost.



Name: Elena
Author: Franz Lankes
Comments: Another great game from Franz, a Tower Tetris game that looks and plays great! If there had been a 4th place this would have taken it.

Click here to download.


Goits Of Rage

Name: Goits Of Rage BOR Mod
Author: Goity
Comments: A bor mod with a weebel and bob style B3ta thing going on.

Click here to download.



Name: GPAmp
Author: Niels
Comments: Nice update of the OGG player that supports classic Winamp skins.

Click here to download. Download lost.



Name: GPMax
Author: Festnoz
Comments: Very nice looking DDR game, uses MOD format as the music. The steps dont match upto the tune but otherwise very good!

Click here to download. Download lost.



Name: Masterlator
Author: Christian Nowak
Comments: Nicely presented Master System emulator, correctly supports parallax scrolling and is very smooth - alas the pause / menu button isn't supported! One to keep an eye on if you like the SMS as its very nice looking!

Click here to download.


Memory GP32

Name: Memory GP32
Author: Guyfawkes
Comments: Guyfawkes: Cant comment on this as its my game entered for fun.. anyone beat all 12 levels yet?

Click here to download.


Metal Gear Solid: VR Missions

Name: Metal Gear Solid: VR Missions
Author: Locke
Comments: 3D MGS VR mission game, made in 13 days which is great. It does suffer from slowdown and loading times but still quite impressive. We hope the author continues work on this, it came very close to winning something.

Click here to download.


Neutron Strike

Name: Neutron Strike
Author: Gav
Comments: Space shooter game, not bad but could do with more variation.

Click here to download.


PBSynth GP32

Name: PBSynth GP32
Author: Christian Nowak
Comments: Nice synthesizer, can make some interesting noises with this, interesting if your into sound hardware.

Click here to download.


Rom Arcade

Name: Rom Arcade
Author: Robert J. Shepherd (
Comments: Good arcade emulator which supports Space Invaders 1 and 2, PacMan and Donkey Kong. Well worth a try, fingers crossed on more additions soon? :)

Click here to download. Download lost.



Name: SmashGP
Author: Matkeupon
Comments: Impressive Smash Bros remake for GP32. Check out the 16 Days level with the TV in the background. Nice! Again this came very close to winning something, it was so hard to choose!

Click here to download. Download lost.


Tobi Drummer

Name: Tobi Drummer
Author: Tobias
Comments: Still great as ever, now has support for loading/saving/editing songs.

Click here to download. Download lost.



Name: WWII
Author: Oscar BraindeaD
Comments: Nice WWII top down scrolling shooter, suffers fom a little slowdown when theres alot of action on screen.

Click here to download.



Name: Xump
Author: Kedo
Comments: Great puzzle game, plenty of levels with increasing difficulty to keep you playing for a long time.

Click here to download. Download lost.



Name: yAnl
Author: Rov
Comments: Update of the nice file launcher which supports almost all file formats you could want.

Click here to download. Download lost.